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Savannah's Story


This Is My Saga

  1. What brought you to Saga Outerwear?

 My first introduction with Saga was through Beyond the Boundaries, an amazing women’s progression camp that my good friends Christine Savage and Mary Walsh founded and operate.

I am lucky enough to coach and travel for the camps and Saga has been an integral part in supporting the camps since day one.


  1. Why have you remained with Saga Outerwear?

Saga Outerwear supports the ladies!

Plus, I absolutely love their styles and fits, but most of all I love how involved they are as a company- especially with the recent women’s line that they have been building over the last few years.


  1. What excites you about the future of Saga Outerwear?

I’m excited to watch Saga continue to grow as a company, they have always been an inclusive brand and I’m looking forward to a great company promoting, supporting and including all of us in the industry. At the end of the day whether you are an athlete, consumer, skier, snowboarder, male, female, whatever you are YOU are a part of the Saga fam.