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Tim Durtschi's Saga

Tim Durtschi's Saga

I found Saga at the beginning of my skiing saga, and it has shaped the story ever since.  I knew Saga was my home when I started designing clothes with them while skiing every day and doing what I loved.  There was no one else out making cool and functional ski gear back in 2005 and it was exciting to be doing just that!
Saga Outerwear Tim Durtschi This is my Saga

I have stayed with Saga since its inception because of the family that it has fostered.  Through all the changes there has always remained that feeling of being amongst true friends. Every team trip has become a memory.  Every ski run, every lift ride with a team mate, team manager, and clothing designer has become a memory.

Tim Durtschi This is my Saga

The future I have envisioned with saga has always become reality, and I look forward to the adventure.  From learning new tricks to exploring new mountain ranges, from urban skiing to Ski mountaineering, Saga has always been there for me and supported my vision.


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