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Svea Irving's Saga

Svea Irving's Saga

First off, my older brother skis for Saga and he has since he was 9 I think, but that isn’t the only reason I have admired Saga clothing/company from the start. I like the unique style. I always remember them coming to the Windells summer ski camp back when I was 10 or so. The athletes always seemed to have the most fun. 

They have a fun look and make their clothing to fit women specifically now. Saga has a good variety of clothing items in the women’s brand that isn’t seen in other brands for women's free ride/park clothing. The team and the people who work for Saga have a good vibe/culture and make the brand more appealing. When I first heard Saga was going to make women’s clothing, I wanted to be a part of it. I have grown up wearing many of my brother’s men's Saga hand me downs, so I was excited to be part of the new women’s line.

Saga Outerwear Svea Irving

Saga continues to be changing and adapting their brand based on their athlete's feedback. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with the Saga designer last year and give feedback on what I thought of her new designs and what possible changes she should make. I still love the functional clothing Saga makes. I am always comfortable in Saga no matter what the weather is like or where in the world I am competing, training or free skiing. I also appreciate the fact that Saga helps promote their female athletes on their social media.

I am excited to see what Saga does with the brand. I think we are off to a good start by connecting as athletes with the Team Manager and hope that we can as athletes play an even bigger role in promoting and giving feedback on design. I also hope that we can get the Saga athletes together to promote Saga.


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