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Start My Spring - Tim Durtschi

Start My Spring - Tim Durtschi

Most years it feels like Tim Durtschi is on snow year round. Despite his travels to Oregon and other locations that still offer skiing in the summer, Tim does start to wind down his season like the rest of us.

Tim Durtschi start my spring

• When do you know winter is coming to an end and it’s time to start getting ready for spring? Is it a smell in the air, daylight savings time, a certain feeling, etc.?

It feels different every season, I usually forget it is spring until i see some green grass and then go whoa!  Every season for me I am hoping to get at least one or two more pow days, so i am always on the optimistic side of things. For me Winter is not over until there is no snow in sight!

• What is your first action to prepare for spring? Do you start new fitness routines, clean winter storage, tune spring gear, etc.?

When the snow starts to melt I end up going to higher elevations to ski in April and May.  I will go on a ski mountaineering adventure which requires some rock climbing gear.  That makes the transition to rock climbing season easier since I already have the gear out and have the rope work dialed so when all the snow melts I can be ready for climbing.  Skiing takes strong legs, and climbing takes strong arms, so this helps with the transition and keeps me balanced year round.

tim durtschi start my spring

• What is the last thing you do to officially close down winter and move into a new season?

I live in Jackson hole, and April 1st is a huge ski party day called Gaper day so I always look forward to that event at the end of the year.  Its great to see all my friends out on the hill having fun and celebrating a great ski season.   I usually dress up in some old school gear and ski on some old skinny skis for the day.