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Start My Spring - Rell Harwood

Start My Spring - Rell Harwood

All winter long we tell ourselves that the snow will still be there tomorrow. That is until that fateful day when the mud starts to poke through, the resort announces closing day and your feet are more wet than they should be after a day on the mountain. 

We wanted to hear from our riders about how they handle the transition from winter to spring. First up, Rell Harwood. 

rell harwood

My winter has gone well and I’m really excited to be done competing and get to do some spring skiing now! 

• When do you know winter is coming to an end and it’s time to start getting ready for spring? Is it a smell in the air, daylight savings time, a certain feeling, etc.?

The feeling of spring for me is when I can start wearing long sleeves and t-shirts when skiing. I love when it starts to get slushy on the slopes and skiing consists of shedding layers, getting goggle tans and lounging like you are at a beach! Everything is a little more chill in spring!

• What is your first action to prepare for spring? Do you start new fitness routines, clean winter storage, tune spring gear, etc.?

My first action to prepare for spring is to unpack my bags. I am usually traveling all winter long to compete in competitions. I only get a few days home at a time during the winter in between trips to Europe, Canada, and all over the US. I know it’s time to prepare for spring when I get to unpack and finally settle back in at home. I also like to start doing more intense workouts with higher weights because I am done with competing for the season and I'm not skiing as hard so I can get sore.

rell harwood start my spring

• What is the last thing you do to officially close down winter and move into a new season?

The last thing I do to officially close down winter is to put the big insulated coats and pants up high in storage and pull out the t-shirts and sweatshirts.  I am so stoked for spring skiing this year, its always my favorite time of the ski season, and due to covid last year we didn't get to take part in spring skiing, so it makes me even more excited for it this year!