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Rell Harwood's Saga

Rell Harwood's Saga

Ever since I was little, I had always been a huge fan of Saga Outerwear. Even when half the rails were as big as me you could always catch me in a huge Saga jacket hanging down to my knees. I had always worn the men's clothes and never had a problem with it, I loved the style, colors, and designs of them but when I heard Saga was making a women's line, I was so excited! Having a women's line made me feel even more included in Saga and the sport of freeskiing. I think women freeskiers are sometimes forgotten about or not as included in the freeskiing community as men. I definitely felt this sometimes growing up skiing around a lot of boys. So, when I heard about Saga opening up more to the women's side of freeskiing I saw it as more than just making a women's line. They were supporting and including women's skiing which I thought was really cool. Saga saw the women's side of skiing by making a women's line and I knew I wanted to be a part of that!

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Saga Outerwear continues to inspire me every year as they improve and grow. Even though they went through so many hardships from the warehouse break-in, switching locations, to the COVID-19 pandemic they continue to create amazing outerwear and be a great and supportive company to their athletes. Saga inspires me in my own life to stay strong and keep pushing through the hard times. There are definitely challenges that come along with being a skier and competitive athlete, but I know I'll come out stronger if I push through the tough parts, just like Saga Outerwear did!

I am really excited about the future of Saga Outerwear; I have always felt very included as a women skier athlete with Saga. I know Saga will keep supporting and including all types of skiers and people by making stylish, well-fitting, and good-quality outerwear! Every year I get more and more impressed with the Outerwear Saga comes out with and I'm so excited to see this year! 

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