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Backcountry Get Together w/ VNTRbirds

Backcountry Get Together w/ VNTRbirds

Working with passionate groups and organizations has been at the forefront of Saga's success over the years. We're constantly looking for groups, clubs and teams that help more people get into outdoor sports or help them improve their skills. 

Last month the VNTRbirds set out to Bluebird Backcountry with a great group of female skiers and snowboarders. The goal is to help grow their backcountry knowledge while building the community of female outdoor enthusiast. 

To add a little fun to the day we provided VNTRbirds with free jackets, pants and accessories to hide along the way as a scavenger hunt. Take a look at the pictures below and click over to VNTRbirds to find out when their next outing is!

saga outerwear vntr birds

VNTRbirds is a women’s outdoor company based in Breckenridge, CO, but reaching across the U.S. and abroad. Providing courses, clinics and workshops for women to get into the outdoors with proper knowledge and confidence. We strive to keep our events free or at a low cost, providing a more accessible and therefore, more inclusive outdoors.

VNTR birds at bluebird backcountry


vntr birds at bluebird backcountry

VNTR Birds at Bluebird Backcountry


For more information visit VNTRbirds, @vntrbirds and Bluebird Backcountry