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Monarch 3L


Designed by and for Saga Women


Fatigue Jacket & Bibs


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By definition, a saga is:

* A dramatic history of a group, place, industry * Any very long story with dramatic events From the very beginning Saga looked at the outerwear industry hill to climb as an exciting challenge. We broke into the outerwear industry because no other brands were providing products that fit the bodies and needs of the athletes we surrounded ourselves with. We stood up against every other brand, small and large, and watched over the years as they came and went. But we stayed. We stayed because we believe in what the brand stands for and what the brand provides to the community and to you. We stayed because the community continued to support us. Even after a year when our warehouse was broken into and hundreds of thousands of dollars of unreleased product was stolen from us, the community stuck with us and we survived. Even after we were forced to reduce our staff to bare bones and move from our home in Salt Lake City to Boulder, Co, the community stuck with us and we survived. And most recently when our entire staff was furloughed because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the brand went into “sleep mode”, the community stuck with us. This is our Saga, it’s truly never-ending. Our passion for snow and creating products to support your love of the slopes. We aren’t going anywhere. Our passion for snow and your support for the brand continues to keep us going stronger than ever.